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Winter Comfort Food

Hygge is all about comfort & food is therefore an important part of it. Food is a powerful thing, it sustains us & it also affects our mood & health. Eating is not just about filling ourselves up it is about nourishing the body & soul. This is why food is so important in winter. This is the time of year when our health can be under attack from all those cold & flu germs flying around & many of us struggle to stay happy through the cold, dark months. Eating the right things at this time of year can keep us healthier & happier.

I think comfort food is also about transporting us to somewhere we felt happy in the past, a time when we felt good. When people talk about comfort food it is often something they ate as a child or a dish their nan made for them. It nourishes our body & makes us feel that deep happiness that comes with nostalgia.

My fave comfort foods are Yorkshire pudding, roast dinners, panacalty, beef stew, treacle sponge with custard, chocolate, dal & sushi. Only 2 of these are not things I ate as a child. Sushi has become a comfort food for me as I realised it makes me feel really good & I love it. Dal has been my go-to dish for a quick filling dinner for years & it always makes me happy. The rest of these things I associate with my family they are dishes my mum & nan made when I was young. They are warm, rich & really push those nostalgia buttons for me. I also just realised they are all winter foods.

My Nan’s panacalty — a dish of corned beef & potatoes from the North East

Maybe in summer we don’t need the comfort from food as much. I think when the sun is shining & food doesn’t need to keep us warm we need different things from it. Salads are refreshing, bar b qs are social occasions they bring us comfort in a different way. In Summer we have more fresh produce available to us. Lots of vegetables & fruits are in season but at this time of year we have been eating root veg for a while & lettuce just doesnt cut it.

We are interested to know what are your favourite comfort foods &why. Tell us what foods make you feel nourished in body & soul?

We will also be sharing some comfort food recipes on the blog & social media

Pear & Ginger Steamed Pudding — NOM!

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