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Our guide to Wild Swimming in the UK

Is there anything better than cooling down in a crisp pool when the weather is hot? Well, for us it’s wild swimming. Ditch the paddling pool and get outside in nature.

Wild Swimming is a lot of fun and there are lots of hotspots around the UK. One reason to go is that the water stays cold because it is constantly on the move, unlike the paddling pool or the pool at the hotel which gets warmer as the day goes on, wild swimming spots are much more refreshing.

Swimming in rivers and lakes is the most refreshing and peaceful swim you can find. The water is always really cold and it is fresh not salty like the sea. As kids we used to holiday in the Yorkshire Dales and Peak District where the rivers have lots of wider, slower spots where you can take a restful dip while cows and deer stroll by. They also have grass verges which is great of you’re not so keen on sand. River water is often mineral rich so it also leaves your skin feeling incredible.

My sisters & I were early adopters of wild swimming. we spent most of our summers in the rivers of the Yorkshire Dales. This is a place called Appletreeweick it has an area where the river widens to create a large, deep pool.

If the beach is your thing then we recommend going for a wilder piece of coastline. There are lots of bays and coves all over the UK where there are no amusements, fish and chip shops and crowds. A deserted bay offers and opportunity to lay in the sand in peace and float on a quiet gentle body of water. It is a way to connect with nature and feel restored. Wild bays also have more wildlife to explore with plants and birds that youjust wont see when there’s lots of people. After that you can head off to the bright lights and sugary pleasures of a seaside town.

A day at a wild beach is the prefect way to unwind and explore

You can even find places in cities like this one my sister found at the Royal Docks in London. There are also Lidos and lakes in London in places like Hampstead Heath.

We love to find new places to indulge in our love of swimming and whenever we go somewhere new we check out this brilliant Wild Swimming website It has a crowd sourced map of wild swimming spots all over the UK.

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