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Why we are reducing plastic by using a milkman

We’ve all seen the Blue Planet programme and been faced with the horrors of our plastic consumption. I have to admit, I cried. We’ve all known for a while that plastic consumption is getting out of hand, but I didn’t realise, and maybe I was naive, to what extent it was harming out planet and oceans.

What that documentary has highlighted to me as well as all of the other plastic debates — I have to do more in order to reduce my own waste. I cannot go back in time to a dark ages existence, but I can take some learnings from the past and combine them with modern inventions and try and make an impact.

The HyggeBox this month (box April 2018) tackled the ideas of Natural Living; how our choices impact nature, the planet and our own bodies. As well as the box, this month our blogs have been exploring ways to change our impact on nature and coming up with ideas and inspiration to help other busy folk who want to take better steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Whilst doing lots of research I came across Milk & More — a website that helps you find a milkman. Seems simple, but actually the idea behind why I want to use it is even simpler, the milk comes in glass bottles and they deliver in a sustainable fashion i.e. there isn’t a delivery everyday for 1 pint.

I should probably say at this point, non of our blogs are affiliated and we write them based on our own findings, ideas and box contents. No-one sponsors or pays for us to feature them. 

What is Milk & More

Milk and more are passionate about encouraging people to eat well and live sustainably. They do this by championing smaller suppliers who they trust to provide the very best products and then they deliver it to you.

They are focused on focussed on having a positive impact on local communities, the environment and ultimately the lives of their customers.

They offer a milkman facility but also offer over 200 different products — depending on your are — so you can actually get things like eggs, bread and cheese too.

How does it work

It is really quite simple, you add in your postcode on their site, which is really easy to use, and then they tell you the days they can deliver.

You choose your products — you can either have a pre-built delivery which include things like Breakfast Bundle which includes Bacon and Eggs or things like Veg boxes. You get to know your Milkmans name too, which is nice.

If you choose to build your own you get a selection of milks, cheeses, eggs, organics and even biscuits. Not all the milk comes in a glass bottle, but you see pictures so you can choose the one that does.

The you choose your day and how many times you want them to deliver, it’s all done via Direct Debit so you don’t have to worry about having a £5 note handy by the door!

You can also add things like topsoil for the garden, washing up liquid and other household goods which is pretty handy!

What’s even exciting is every one of their glass milk bottles can be recycled, so you just simply leave it out for the milkman like the good old days and he takes it away. No plastic, no mound of stuff, just a simple process.

I often wonder when we thought moving away from this sort of thing was a good idea? Without dwelling on why it wasn’t and how we could have made better choices, I think it is great that people like Milk & More are bringing this back and making it a much more accessible thing for us modern busy people.

Try them out:

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