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Why Leila loves Hygge

This month is our anniversary month, we have been spreading cosy joy with our Hyggeboxes for 12 whole months. It has been a joy & we love chatting with our subscribers on social media. We thought it was about time they shared their Hygge tips with us on here.

Today we hear from Leila Neve. She has been subscribing to our box since January & makes videos of unboxing them on her Youtube channel so we already know a little of what she thinks about Hygge. Here’s more

  1. Why do you love Hygge?

I love hygge because I can identify so much with it! I’m a huge believer in enjoying life and seeing the good in every moment and I feel as though hygge celebrates this outlook. In essence, hygge encourages me be my cheerful, positive self and consume as many hot drinks, indulgent treats and have as many fairy lights & scented candles as possible!

2. How do you get your Hygge on?

The times when I feel the happiest are when I’m curled up with a favourite book or tucked under a blanket with some cosy lighting (candle & fairy lights ideally) watching something fabulous on TV. Even if I’m feeling unwell or sad, or have had a stressful day, getting cosied up can cheer me up without fail so this is definitely my favourite way to hygge.

3. What’s your favourite Hyggelig thing in your house?

My favourite hyggelig thing in my house is my favourite hot chocolate! I really enjoy being in my cosy home with my scented candles, fairy lights & blankets but the thing that really ties the whole experience together and makes me feel uber cosy is a big mug of Galaxy hot chocolate. (I might actually go and make one now!)

4. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate!! I have never liked tea or coffee and as much as I try, there are just no teas and no coffees that I like. I have way too much of a sweet tooth so it has to be hot chocolate, and if at all possible, Galaxy hot chocolate. (I also love hot Ribena & hot Vimto for a cosy but sweeter hot drink)

5. What was your favourite Hyggebox & why

My favourite Hyggebox has to be my first ever one! I discovered hygge as a concept and was so ecstatic to find that not only was there this way of living which screamed Leila but also that there was a whole community of people who embraced it too that when I then found a subscription box centred around this, I was super excited. I was really concerned though that when it arrived, I might be disappointed but thankfully I loved it. Every single box has made me so happy but that first box not only let me find a great product but also a great team behind it in Gabby & Sally who are such lovely humans. In a world of corporate greed and selfishness, Hyggebox is run by two people who are passionate about what they do, want to help their industry grow and lift others up along the way which I think is the perfect hygge way.

Thanks to Leila & all of our subscribers fro their support. We love you all

Check out Leila’s fabulous videos about Hygge,life, family & fun on Youtubeshe is also on Twitter

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