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We Love Chalkboard Paint

In our last Hyggebox we included a tin of chalkboard paint & some chalk. The theme of the box was nesting & settling in for winter. At home we use chalkboard paint on old jars which we re-use to store sauces, pickles, spices & chutneys. They are ideal for this as you dont need to keep sticking labels on every time you re-use the jar (these used to constantly get stuck in our dishwasher). As preserving was a big part of our nesting theme the paint seemed ideal.

Since then I have been wondering what else we could use it for & thanks to the wonder of Pinterest I now have a million ideas & could cover our house in it. Someone made painted at the top of the bed & drew on an ornate chalk headboard — very cool!. I’m not allowed to paint the house but here are some of the my fave ideas for fun small things which I intend to try.

  1. Wine bottles as table centers
I think these look rather elegant

2. Decorate your own mug

Never get bored of your mug again — also a great one for the kids

3. Halloween Pumpkins

For those of us with terrible carving skills

4. Gift Wrapping

This is genius — paint your washi tape

5. Fridge

I would never be allowed to do this but its a great way to end the shopping list hunt

What have you used chalkboard paint for? Tell us in the comments or on social media

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