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The HyggeLig Months

HyggeBox has created even more Hygge and Hyggelig moments in our lives. If you have read our other blog posts and maybe our storyyou’ll know that Hyggebox is new to both of us and we are quite new to eachother! We’ve been developing HyggeBox for four months and bringing Hygge by monthly subscription for the last two — our October box jet-propelled us amongst the Hygge community.

Before we started HyggeBox Gabby was living Hygge in Winters and Autumn, loving the darker and colder nights, bringing out her favourite Nordic jumpers and lighting up the house with enough candles to rival Copenhagen! Sally was living like a Hyggester (mainly in the summer) and not even knowing it.

Now that has changed, we are spreading the joys of Hygge to others. In the last two months we have grown to a pretty sizeable subscription box and like proud parents we are now sharing our Hygge wisdom and our own enjoyment with others. Creating boxes each month that hopefully will kickstart our fledglings to the excitement and enjoyment we find in this wonderful way of life.

We spend more time focusing on Hygge, what it will feel like for people coming across it as a new concept or how we can create the best foundation for novices and lovers alike. We have spent more time on the attention to detail of what Hygge really is and how we feel it. HyggeBox isn’t a mish-mash of products in a box labelled as Hygge, it’s a whole themed concept with things that we use and hope will help you to create Hygge in your lives.

We have been constantly on the hunt for Hyggelig products and in the process we’ve met and worked with some amazing suppliers so far, both local and a little further afield. What has struck us is the passion and enjoyment everyone has in creating their own products and doing what they love. We have certainly enjoyed working with these people and working on our own HyggeBox project.

A little shout out to some of our amazing suppliers — thank you!:

Whilst we’ve been packing November’s boxes today — which includes a lot of assembly of fun ‘kits’ we have made you all. We have been discussing how we’ve got here and the feeling of pinching ourselves to see it’s real. We didn’t set out wanting a huge business, we wanted to create something for us both to enjoy and work on and share that journey with others & we’ve been lucky to find that really quickly.

Why does HyggeBox work?

It’s a hard question to answer, but we’ve come to the conclusion it works differently here than the reasons it works in Denmark. Our subscribers are not all the same age or size or even from the same places of the UK. But we think everyone, including us, has something in common. We are seeking something better, simpler, slower, more indulgent without over-doing it or costing the earth and that little bit of time to look after ourselves and others close to us.

We want to create a movement of well-being, togetherness and reconnecting, something that we may have lost a little in the UK and which we really need in 2016 — the year we lost creative icons like Bowie and Prince and gained Brexit and Trump. It seems from the response that people needed this.

Hyggebox is perfect for anyone who wants to take a little more time to enjoy special moments. We always include products and activities which encourage us to indulge, but also to enjoy the simple joys in life which often get swallowed up in the day to day rush. Let’s face it we’re all so busy with work, after school clubs, weekend dinners and just fitting in a weekly fix of planet earth and the apprentice, who can create time!

If you’ve already joined us then thank you for subscribing and we hope you’re enjoying the HyggeBox journey! If you’re thinking of joining us we promise it’s going to be a lot of fun every month.

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