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Spark Joy by Marie Condo

Being huge fans of all things Scandi — particularly their design & minimalist decor I suppose you would think our house is all clean lines, open spaces & log fires. I wish! Frankly we are just not like that. We are a bit messy & not nearly as organised as we like to think we are. Our understairs cupboard is a horror show & it doesn’t really bother me. I can live with untidiness.

It was therefore a huge surprise to me to be so into this book by Marie Kondo — Goddess of all things tidy. We bought a copy to see if it would be a good addition to our box on nesting & making home & it is slowly transforming our house. We didn’t read it & immediately start throwing everything out & folding our clothes in rolls. However, we have subconsciously adopted her ways of doing things & it is slowly transforming our home.

In spare moments we have gone through shelves, cupboards, sock drawers & little spaces where we all just shove stuff we don’t know what to do with (you know what I mean I bet you have them). We have a growing pile of things to take to the charity shop & our recycling bin has been crammed for weeks. I have to say I flippin love Marie Kondo. Our house feels calmer, larger & even more cosy for having less random stuff in it (especially papers).

The idea of something sparking joy is genius. I have never thought of tidying my things with this principle in mind but I really love it. Her idea is that when tidying through your things hold each item & feel whether it sparks joy. Do you love it? Is there something about that item which makes you feel good? If there is then keep it. If not & you don’t use it, get rid.

This applies to almost everything, even gifts which people have given to you. I always keep things which were gifts in the belief it is ungrateful to dispose of them. However, Marie points out that they were given to spark joy in the moment & if they don’t do that anymore then they have served their purpose & you can let them go they have served their purpose. This permission is very liberating.

There’s lots more in the book but this small principle has helped us really sort our house out without even realising we were doing it. Marie does have a whole system which if I ever find time to do it would be transformational I’m sure but even this small idea has sparked a huge change in our house. I thank her.

Spark Joy is also a fun read. I love her little stories of the people she has worked with. She has wonderful ideas for using & displaying nicknacks & other aesthetic things we often shove in drawers & forget about. We put the book in our box in August as we loved it & knew our subscribers would too. Hope it has had such a positive impact on everyone else.

My fave quote from the book “I’m convinced that things that have been loved & cherished acquire elegance & character. When we surround ourselves only with things that spark joy & shower them with love, we can transform our home into a space filled with precious artefacts, our very own art museum”. I hope our home is like that one day soon.

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