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Sketching & Feeling Present

The May box was all about the idea of Presence and feeling present. It is number two on the Hygge manifesto and something that a lot of us take for granted in an ever busier time. Even though we have more leisure time than ever before it can be very difficult to remember to stop, do something simple and be present.

We curated a box that was very close to our own ideas on achieving presence . It featured items that help us slow down and appreciate the moment.

Sketching for me is a new hobby, something I haven’t attempted before because I always felt a sense of ‘i’ll leave that to people who can draw’. Recently, I decided I would do a short sketching course online. It may seem cliche but it really slowed me down. I have found pleasure in taking out pencils, finding a brand new piece of blank paper and sketching the objects in front of me. Sometimes the landscape around me and even random items that come in to my head. I am not an amazing sketcher and I probably will never be one, but taking the time to really focus on something whether completely inanimate or living has the ability to slow me down.

There are some amazing tips, hints and guides online to help you focus on sketching and really notice the items you are trying to capture. Capturing that moment in time is quite wonderful and makes you fully appreciate what is around you.

The Hygge manifesto talks about making yourself present and finding time to really appreciate the simple things in your life. These things can simply be your family, one of your hobbies, sitting in the garden and listening to nature or anything that makes you really slow down and connect with your world.

If you are thinking sketching might be a great thing for you, we have put together a great pinterest board full of ideas on presence including some brilliant sketching starter guides. You can find it here.

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