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Relish – from our July Subscription Box

elish the time you have this month. August offers us a slower summer pace, there are still lots of opportunities to explore and discover but there are also more moments to focus on yourself. This last summer month can be a magical one, the sun is still shining*, the evenings are still light, and it offers us chances to do things we haven’t had time to do the rest of the summer.

At this time of year, Nature is taking a deep breath. It is pulling all it’s energy in and enjoying the last few weeks of August before it starts to renew. We can learn to do the same. Look outside a window at a tree and watch it for a little while. Slowly swaying in the breeze, absorbing the suns rays, it’s storing up the goodness in preparation for the Autumn and Winter. We can use these next five weeks to do the same.

Relish Subscription Box | Slow Living Simple Things

The July Box

Whether you are staying at home or going away you can really revitalise yourself and get ready for hunkering down in the Autumn. Spend time doing nothing, being idle and simply enjoying the slower pace.

Take time to pick berries in the garden, or go and explore your local grow your own. Drink cold drinks until late in the summer sun and spend time with friends. Think about what changes you might make to your home in the Autumn, don’t start them, simply plan for an exciting transformation. Go on a picnic and relish the surroundings, the company and the food you’ve made.

If you’re taking a break and going on holiday, then relish in the entire trip. Although travelling can be stressful, take a laid-back approach. Wake up earlier and enjoy a slow ritual before a flight or a car journey, pack a picnic of treats and eat well on the move.

August is the time to relish what we have and what we enjoy about the everyday moments in our lives. It is a time to reflect on the things we love about ourselves and others. Relish the last few weeks of the summer and absorb what you need from it in preparation for the next stage of the year.
*It was shining when I wrote this, sorry if it is not now!

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