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How to create a plastic free picnic

Is there anything quite like having a picnic? Being outside, sitting in the sunshine with friends, family or someone special. Having lots of nibbles and bits of food — even the food tastes better doesn’t it?

There is something for me about being outside and listening to the birds, bees buzzing around and nature is getting on with it, whilst you’re sat tucking in to a sandwich on a nice checked mat. That’s something I really love doing in the summer, sometimes I will even put out a picnic blanket and eat my dinner in the garden. When you turn up, there’s so much to notice in nature.

Have you ever considered though, how much of our plastic is consumed during this activity — plastic cups, spoons, plates, bowls, clingfilm wrap, sandwich bags, freezer bags, ice cube trays, lolly-pop sticks and I could go on. That’s not to mention all the pre-prepared stuff that you might take with you as well.

A lot of this plastic could end up in the oceans. After you put your rubbish in the bin, it’s probably taken to a landfill. But an estimated average of 8 million tonnes of plastic finds its way into the oceans every year.

It disrupts and can harm ocean ecosystems. Marine life can mistake plastic for food, and it ends up coming back to us in the food chain.

Lots of the problems with plastic consumption need to change from the source, packaging companies need to take note and create an alternative. The government needs to man up and do something about the plastic being consumed and we need to consider what we produce and buy in the UK.

There’s lots though that we can do ourselves and even the small steps as we’ve said in previous blogs like choosing different products as well as reusing and repurposing rather than just recycling can help.

It shouldn’t impact the fun we are able to have either, at picnics for instance.

Here’s 5 ways to have a plastic-free picnic:

  1. Quite obvious — choose food that doesn’t come in plastic wrapping and if you need a bag bring your own one to the supermarket, or better still use a box (it’s pretty good for transporting food around).
  2. Get yourself a fantastic picnic bag/box — lot’s of people take their picnics in plastic bags and that’s a big no. But, what an excuse to get a great picnic bag or box for your food.
  3. Use containers that aren’t plastic. Lot’s of people already regretted the fun they had at Tupperware parties, but now we are regretting they started. Ditch Tupperware for other reusable alternatives like jars and bottles.
  4. Don’t use clingfilm — it sound’s obvious doesn’t it, but it can be hard to kick habits like grabbing the clingfilm. Use other forms of wrapping sandwiches; like cloth, napkins or even invest in these eco-friendly sandwich wraps or little brown paper bags
  5. Use your own cutlery, cups and plates. There’s some fantastic options on the market now if you don’t want to take the china — you could use bamboo plates and cutlery instead. Lots of the bags that you get also come with a ‘proper’ non-plastic picnic set as well.

A little bonus idea is to create your own snacks at home. Lots of the food you might think of taking will come at some point wrapped in a plastic item. Why not consider making it extra special and bake bread, cakes and even try and make things like cheese at home. They taste so much better! We have a fantastic — No Knead Bread Recipe on the blog that is super simple and easy to make!

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