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We met in May this year and realised we were living proof of ‘YingYang’. With wildly different approaches to life and ideas about the best parts of the year, amongst other things! Sally is a summer loving, linen wearing, larger than life character. She lived in Peru for 5 years and was born in August so a good day is a day outside, ideally in the heat! Gabby is a winter baby, born in January and a lover of dark nights, the romance of winter and a worshiper of the Danish concept of Hygge. For her the best times are at home with close friends & family enjoying good food & good company.

“I often found myself wondering how Sally would cope with winter and not escape off to India until it dawned on me that she’d probably love Hygge!”

In the summer months Sally had the steering wheel; creating picnics full of great food (an ode to her day role as a Chef), got us playing badminton in random parks and even managed to get me in a pair of Linen trousers! Now we approach Autumn and Winter my Hygge has launched into full swing; candles everywhere, our sofa piled high with blankets and copious amounts of hot chocolate being consumed. We realised early on that what Sally has created in Summer was infact Hygge  and what we were both loving about the change to my season was the same!

“I have always hated winter & found the concept of enjoying it rather ridiculous but so far I am loving the comfort & snugness Gabby creates & look forward to going home every night” 

That’s when HyggeBox was born: the creation of two people who need comfort, cosiness, meaningfulness and excitement at different times of the year!

We have created a box which celebrates Hygge both in Summer and Winter, Spring and Autumn. It helps our customers to feel meaningfulness, indulgence, excitement, intimacy and confirm in all seasons – just like us! We have developed a monthly box that reflects the Danish Hygge along with the time of year. Our boxes are personalised and they have items to suit the months they are in. Gabby has drawn on her years of experience of Hygge & obsession with all things Danish to bring together the best from the UK & Denmark.

Our mission both for eachother and you remains the same: to help find things you love in every part of the year and to share those with other people!

With love and happy Hygge

Sally & Gabby x

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