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Our Raspberry Vinegar Recipe

Making flavoured vinegars is a great use of time in the kitchen. They pack a big flavour and can add interest to lots of meals. We usually have at least one herb vinegar and one fruity one in the cupboard. You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive ingredients just a bottle of vinegar, something to flavour it with and a little time.

I really enjoy making things like this. They represent a little more care and thought than just buying stuff. It’s more hyggelig and satisfying. You also get to experiment and try new things. A couple of years ago I made an elderflower vinegar and we enjoyed it for several months after elderflower season. It was a lovely way to add more interest and complexity to a salad dressing.

This is my sisters recipe. I made it last year and really loved it. Can’t wait for raspberry season to make more. This weekend though I am going to replace the raspberries with rhubarb to make a seasonal spring vinegar. The preparation works for any soft fruit.


200g raspberries
200g white wine vinegar
30g sugar (use 35g if you want a sweeter flavour) — I have used both white refined and golden sugar.

How to make Raspberry Vinegar

  1. Wash your raspberries — this is especially important when you are going to preserve something.
  2. Put in a large bowl and crush them gently with a fork
  3. Pour over your white wine (or cider) vinegar and give it all a stir
  4. Leave for minimum 48 hrs. If you can leave it a little longer, then do
  5. Drain the fruit through muslin into a stainless steel pan. Muslin, if you have it, will ensure you get a crystal clear vinegar. If you use a sieve it will taste fine but may be a little cloudy. If you are draining through muslin then leave it to drip for a couple of hours. In a sieve just press the liquid through and keep going!
  6. Add the sugar, stir and bring to the boil. You need to simmer it for around 10 mins and skim off any bits which float to the top.
  7. Leave to cool and then pour into well sterilised bottles.
  8. Leave for two weeks before eating.

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