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Our 7 favourite Botanical Cushions for a Summer revamp and they’re not all green!

It is a great time of year to inject a little bit of something new into your home. Whether you want to revamp a conservatory, sitting area or even adding some colour to your outside space, cushions and soft furnishings are a great way to do it.

I love adding more cushions to my home, they instantly change the feel of the room and you can swap and change them for different seasons — cushion cupboards are a thing!

Here’s are 7 of our favourite Botanical Cushions for a summer revamp:

1. Bold and Tropical — NOTTHS

Loving how bold and bright this cushion is — it’s not your average green and white botanicals and adds some great depth to it.

This would work well in a deep blue room, something green or even a blank canvas white if that’s your style.

Was £40 it’s no £20 on Not on the High Street

2. Flora Ginko — Junique

In second, again not a traditional green botanical but I absolutely loved this style. This would throw some bold movesin a ink blue room.

This cushion can be found on Junique — one of my favourite shops — at a reasonable price of £23.95 and you can even choose your size which I really like.

3. Eden — Tracy Adams

This one isn’t green and white either, but it does have your more traditional cheese plant vibe.

I absolutely love the colours here some harmonious, some contrasting. One of my favourite combinations is the light green/mustard with that pink. This would look great in a conservatory or even outside on a simple patio set.

from £23.95 on Junique

4. Tapestry Thistles — McAlister Textiles

With this cushion we are going back to ‘Botanical Drawing’ Botanicals. I am absolutely in love with Thistles, after letting the garden grow this year and seeing lots of them come to life I have gone a bit thistle mad. I also love botanical line drawings so when I saw this cushion I knew it had to make the cut.

This cushion would look perfect in a more rustic, add it to a wooden seat with a throw or outside in a woodland garden and it’s perfect. £39.99 Wayfair

5. Botanical Cushion — Cox & Cox

Cheese plant fan? This one is for you. Cox and Cox is another one of those sites I love, it’s easy to use and you glide from one great piece to another.

This cushion is 100% cotton, which is partly why it made the cut. A good feel makes all the difference, no-one wants to hug an acrylic cushion.

This would work well in a deep green room or to add touches of colour to a white, scandi-vibe interior.

Was £50 now £25 — Cox & Cox

6. Botanical Seat Cushion — H&M

Perfect for inside and out, when you need a splash of colour and a bit of padding!

I love this deep, dark and moody seat cushion. It would work well with a minimal patio set outside to add some richness.

It’s also a fantastic price £8.99 per cushion makes adding some colour in reach.

You could pair this with something brighter too — like a yellow or a red to really lift the details.

7. Botanical Cushion — Bluebell Gray

This is another cushion that doesn’t feature a leaf, a cheese plant or a fern but for me it is botanical.

I love the watercolours, the simple line drawings and the cow parsley that stands out on the front. This cushion is perfecting for bringing some colour to a White or Base colour room. Add this to any dull sofa and it will make all the difference.

£58.00 with feather padding.

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