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Meet the Maker — Glasgow Soap Co

Our October box featured a gorgeous handmade chocolate lip balm. I have been using it the last few weeks & I have to say I love having the flavour of chocolate on my lips all day. It’s a lovely, natural product which keeps my lips very soft. The lip balm was made by Ashley Paton from The Glasgow Soap Company. We asked Ashley a few questions about her business for this blog. It is the kind of business we love to support, ethical, original & everything is made with love & care.

  1. What is The Glasgow Soap Co?

Glasgow Soap Company is a one man (or woman) company and I make a range of handmade bath and body products which dont contain any SLS, Parabens or preservatives and are (mostly) vegan friendly.

2. How did the company start?

I used to work in a 4 star hotel as a Spa Manager. The daily stress and lack of support caused me to have a breakdown which left me suffering from anxiety and depression — even agoraphobia. I didn’t want to be on benefits indefinitely but knew a full time position would be too much so I started my own business.

It gave me a sense of purpose and a focus and meant I could work within my means and push myself at my own pace. I now own a successful business which I work for full time and I am much much happier and healthier and very proud of myself and my journey.

3. Do you make all the products in-house? How do you make them?

All products are made in house by hand. The only machinery I have is a hand blender! Everything is melted, mixed and handpoured in small batches.

4. Tell us about your favourite products

My favourite products are my Gin and Tonic Range. It includes an Organic Liquid Soap, a Vegetable Glycerine Based Soap Slice and a Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Lip Balm at the moment but there are ideas in the pipeline to expand on these products.

I need to get one of these Gin & Tonic lip balms — YUM!

5. What is your favourite place in Glasgow & why?

My favourite place in Glasgow has to be The Panopticon. It is Britains oldest surviving music hall and hosts a variety of shows and classes. It is where I started to take my Swing Dance Classes with The Glasgow Swing Dance Society.

Gorgeous Glasgow

6. Do you practice Hygge? If so what do you like about it?

I could learn a thing or two from the concept as my mind is always going at 100 miles an hour and I rarely stop! I am seldom in the moment because I am forever writing to do lists in my head. Being a one woman business, in control of all aspects leaves very little time for relaxation and reflection but on reading more about the Hygge concept I really could do with incorporating it into my life!

Check out more of Ashley’s beautiful products on Etsy They make fabulous Christmas presents or treat yourself to some lovely pampering items

Gorgeous Natural Cocolatey lip balm

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