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Hygge Cards

Our Happiness box was all about encouraging subscribers to think about being happy & sharing that with others. We wanted to get people to do things to connect with people they haven’t seen in a while & practice kindness. This is quite a hard thing to do in a box which people order to treat themselves. We toyed with the idea of asking them to give the whole thing away to experience the joy of giving, but that seemed a bit extreme.

In the end we asked our good friends at Fourbeat Walk print to design a card which would get people together. They made this

We loved the simplicity of the letterpress invite & the ombre colours which match our boxes. I think we can all get caught up in the everyday & forgetting to see friends or relatives as much as we should. Life is busy & making time for everyone is difficult yet studies show this is one of the things which makes us happiest. We hope our subscribers have sent this card & got together with someone they wanted to see but havent had time to hang out with for a while.

If you’re a subscriber we would love to hear what you did/plan to do with your card. Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter

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