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Hygge by Amanda

We are loving getting feedback from our subscribers & hearing how they like to practice Hygge. One of the things which often gets missed particularly by the media is how Hygge is about togetherness. Sharing experiences is really Hyggelig & doing this with our community has made us extra happy this week.

Today we are sharing Amanda’s thoughts on Hygge. She has been with us since the start & really knows a thing or two about it.

How long have you subscribed to Hyggebox?

Since box 1!

  1. Why do you love Hygge?

It’s a reminder to make time for relaxation, family, and self care, to look for the good things in life and live in the moment once in a while.

2. How do you get your Hygge on?

At home it’s warm socks and a big blanket or duvet (in colder months). TV or a book, and sometimes some knitting. Good food (preferably home cooked), nice drinks and maybe a little sweet treat. Candles, music, and/or family and friends optional 😉

But I also just like to let my senses soak up the atmosphere when I’m somewhere peaceful such as a woodland, or a beach, or in bed during a storm!

Hygge is not just for winter it makes you happier throughout the year

3. What’s your favourite Hyggelig thing in your house?

My ‘warm things’. Blankets, oversized jumpers, socks too thick to wear with shoes, knitted accessories, etc.

4. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

All of them, plus the occasional boozy drinks.

5. What was your favourite Hyggebox & why?

The Christmas one! Tis the season to be hygge, after all!

Although Hyggebox has educated me to the fact that a similar vibe can be created all year round, even in the height of summer (with the help of a watermelon salad and some pina coladas!).

It is exciting to hear that our Hyggeboxes inspired Amanda to think about Hygge all year round. It is not just about cuddling up in a blanket with a candle on. Hygge is about enjoying the moment, taking pleasure in everyday things & enjoying the company of loved ones.

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