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Foraging – Wild Garlic Recipe


Throughout the year there are edible things we can go out & find but spring is really when wild food starts to become abundant. Wild garlic is prolific & grows all over the UK. It is easy to find & identify (it’s really smelly!).

It grows under trees & you can often find patches in parks. It starts to grow in March & by May is in full flower. You can eat it throughout the growing season. The best leaves to pick for flavour are the small ones & the flowers are really delicious & decorative on your plate.

Wild garlic makes a wonderful herb butter. All you need to do is pick a few leaves, wash them ,chop them & mix them with some soft butter. EASY!

Here is one of our favourite wild garlic recipes.

Celeriac Steak with Wild Garlic Butter

Wild Garlic Butter

Ingredients (makes 250g):

One pack of butter

A good handful (about 40–50g) of wild garlic


The butter should be soft so that you can mix it with the wild garlic. The garlic leaves should be finely shredded, no more than 2mm thick.

Mix the two together with a fork. That’s it.

You can form the butter into rounds (with cling film) or put it into a mould — I just put it in a jar in the fridge.

Celeriac Steak (2 people):


1/2 celeriac

20–30g ghee (clarified butter) or butter

herbs, salt, pepper


To prepare the celeriac, peel it & make sure that the knobbly bits are gone — the parts just under the skin are bumpy & quite hard so its better without them.

Cut 2 steaks about 1cm thick. They can be thicker but take longer to cook. Season with salt & pepper.

Melt the ghee (using ghee is much better than butter as it has no milk solids & does no burn) over a low heat & add the celeriac & a sprig of a herb to flavour the ghee if you want.

The main thing here is patience. Let the steaks slowly tenderise & start to brown on the outside. If you cook them quickly they will be too brown & wont soften. It takes 20–30 minutes.

Keep turning the steaks over every few minutes so that they are nicely basted in the butter.

After about 20 minutes test with a sharp knife to see if the celeriac is cooked — it should enter with no resistance. Keep cooking of it is still a little firm until it is completely soft.

At this point the outside is usually a light caramel colour. You can turn the heat up to brown the outside a little more if you like.

Serve hot alongside meats or other vegetables, greens & mushrooms are great to contrast with the sweetness of the celeriac & some toasted nuts add wonderful texture.

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