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Embrace the rain & enjoy it

Embrace the rain and enjoy it

Even as a young person I always enjoyed being outside. I’m not a terribly good walker or climber or outdoor adventurer but I enjoy being outside. I like the freedom that it gives you. That feeling of being surrounded by Nature. I love the amount of places, objects, animals and sights there are to explore. But most of all I love feeling the weather.

My favourite time outside is when it is raining. Maybe it is because i’m a January baby or maybe it is because I look better in layers! I don’t know but there is something quite magical about the rain and I love it.

When I was little, if it was raining, I would get a big coat and an umbrella and find somewhere dry to sit. I would sit for hours listening to the dripping on my umbrella, almost like your own private roof. It was such a relaxing feeling.

You cannot beat the feeling of being dry on the inside in a big coat, yet being physically outside in the cold, feeling it on your cheeks. Just writing about it evokes so much nostalgia and good feeling. It is something I have always enjoyed.

When people usually describe rain it isn’t in this way. I know it may seem a little mad to actively embrace the rain but it can be exhilarating, refreshing and comforting at the same time. You just have to remember that little Danish phrase — “there is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes”.

Nowadays I may be a little more conservative than my younger self, but I still love to be outside when it is raining. I just wear a lot more clothes.

I would however, urge anyone to embrace the rain. Instead of sitting inside looking at the gloom outside, be a part of it. You’ll be surprised how quickly it feels like it has brightened up outside.

There is no harm in getting a little wet either, there is actually something very natural about having a wet face or cold cheeks that makes us feel a little more in touch with the world. We all live inside central heated homes, have cars that blow out heat on every journey and most of us have windows that have double or even triple glazing.

Getting outside, especially in ‘bad’ weather can be a much needed refreshment and make us feel a lot more alive than being sat in a stuffy home or office.

The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfillment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall. — Helen Garner

I do urge you all to give it a try, there is going to be plenty of opportunity over the next few months. Even if you don’t though, take a leaf out of the rain’s book and do something you enjoy. Rain never feels embarrassed, even when it is cursed or mocked. It simply carries on blissfully unaware enjoying itself and that’s what you need to do too.

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