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Celebrate the Everyday

HyggeBox is changing and we’re very excited about the direction that we’re taking. We’ve been listening to our customers over the last few months and you have guided us towards this new and exciting place.

We have been sending out boxes for the last 18 months, many of you have been on that journey with us since then and some of you have just joined our community – welcome. What we’ve learned over that time is, things change, ideas move on and sometimes you need to shake it up a bit! We’re excited today to reveal that very move, we’ve changed our logo but that’s not all.

Hygge is about simple living, making the ordinary extraordinary, taking time for ourselves in a busy world, getting together with the people we love and spending time in nature either outside or in our homes. It is about simple living and celebrating the everyday.

We realised when we took the time to look at HyggeBox and at our boxes that Celebrating the Everyday and Simple Living was the stuff we loved and actually the stuff you have told us you enjoy the most.

So we’re taking a fresher, thrilling and more fun approach to our boxes. We’ve been on a journey to find new, inspiring and better quality products that will make our boxes even better than before!

“We will be providing inspiring gifts and treats to help you busy people take pleasure in the simple things and live well.

We want to celebrate gathering friends, making things, nourishing our minds and bodies, exploring nature, finding time to dream, creating, growing, cooking, slowing down, gratitude and contentment.

We believe a mindful life is the key to joy so we will work with artisans and ethical businesses to fill our boxes with modern and exciting treats.”

Instead of simple monthly themes, our new fresh outlook will be guided by some key values; Nourishing our minds and bodies, finding time to wonder and be curious, gathering those we love, simplifying our lives and creating beautiful nests for us to live in.

What does this mean for our boxes? Well they will be much more exciting, have include 5 higher quality products and spark ideas and moments for you to enjoy every month. They are not about necessity but a gift to yourself for you to enjoy. It will be a new exciting experience for all of us and we’re thrilled about the direction we are taking! This starts with our April box.

Over the next few months we’ve love to hear your feedback and for you to feel a part of our community. We’ve updated our website and you can find it here. We’ve changed our logo, our colours, our strapline and our social media looks a little different. We’ve written a little more about us here.

Ultimately we are championing the simple things we all love and celebrating the everyday and it’s going to be very exciting!

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