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Celebrate the Everyday

Apr 16
HyggeBox is changing and we’re very excited about the direction that we’re taking. We’ve been listening to our customers over the last few months and you have guided us towards this new and exciting place. We have been sending out boxes for the last 18 months, many of you have
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Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Apr 09
We love to get out and grow veg and stalk around the woods looking for wild foods. Fresh food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and it saddens me when I don’t get enough time to cook and eat well. That’s why I love recipes like this one. I can

How to make amazing Hot Cross buns that the family with love this Easter!

Mar 28
Hot Cross Buns are one of my favourite things of all time. I have to pace myself every year because they go on sale in February and I would eat them every day until Easter if I thought I could get away with it without stacking on the pounds. The excuse

How to make Rhubarb Gin

Mar 24
Rhubarb season always makes me happy. By the end of winter my tastebuds are really ready for the punch, zing & freshness of rhubarb. I also love gin so bringing these two things together was a no brainer for me. Making rhubarb gin is super easy & you will have

Our Raspberry Vinegar Recipe

Mar 23
Making flavoured vinegars is a great use of time in the kitchen. They pack a big flavour and can add interest to lots of meals. We usually have at least one herb vinegar and one fruity one in the cupboard. You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive ingredients just a

How to enjoy Springtime without going outside

Mar 20
Do you wish you had more time to get outside? Do you spend enough time in nature or does the office suck it all away? Spring is starting and that fills most of us with joy, but in our busy lives there is often a sense of regret as we