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7 Ways to embrace January with some me time

We reach for our new journals to create goals and to-do lists. We will feel the pressure to plot out the rest of the year and what we hope to achieve by Christmas 2018. New year’s resolutions are made, shared and disclosed on social media.

Whilst we indulge in a new-found optimism and a fresh start we must remember January is still winter. We should take time to recognise the short days and the darkness that still surrounds us.

January is the perfect time to hold off on those new plans, forget the new year’s resolutions and take time to nurture ourselves ready for the dawn of spring. Taking time to appreciate the things we love, the people sharing our lives and the comfort of continuity.

This time of year, is perfect for reflecting and remembering what you love about yourself rather than trying to achieve something new. It is the perfect time to sit, take a moment and think about how far you have already come.

Embrace winter for the time that it gives you, there is no rush. Take moments for yourself and do the things you love. This is the best time of year to feed your mind the good stuff. Throw perfectionism out of the window and enjoy the blissful feeling of just being rather than achieving.

Here are a few ways to help you get some me time this January:

1.Find a room in your house that you love and fully embrace it. 

Don’t think about changing it, just enjoy it for what it currently is. Find a corner or a space in that room and take some time every day to enjoy yourself, enjoy the surroundings and take a few moments in a place you love and know.

2. Make a slow pot of coffee (or tea if you’d prefer)

I don’t mean grab and Nescafe or PGtips from the cupboard. I mean take your time, choose a coffee or tea you really love. Maybe there is one you hardly ever treat yourself to. Get a teapot or cafetiere and really take your time to brew yourself a wonderful hot drink. Think about how it smells, how it lifts the room and then enjoy it, slowly.

It’s these moments that pass us by, especially at this time of year. We often rush around trying to do too many things. Trying to achieve and we forget to really #enjoytheeveryday.

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3. Relish the stillness Winter offers you

We may sometimes moan about the cold mornings. Or the way Winter stops us from being outside. We may resent the rain, but Winter offers us a stillness a reprieve. There is no need at this time of year to rushing about or making lots of plans. If we take nature as our example, Winter is the time that everything remains calm, takes stock and a little nourishment in preparation for the spring.

If we watch the birds outside, they are simply lazing and grazing. Enjoying themselves. They will soon have a lot to do as the Springtime approaches, but for now they are simply being. We should be doing that too. 

4. Throw caution to the wind and indulge! 

Who decided that January would be the time to throw out good food, drink hardcore smoothies and give up all the nice bits in life. We say, stuff that! January is still Winter and our bodies still need TLC and a little indulgence. Don’t start your green smoothie diet now, doing it when the weather changes and your body is ready. For now, you need not deny yourself of anything.

5. Reflect and remember 

Often this time of year is the time of setting new goals, creating plans for the new year and going in to list overdrive of what you must achieve. Take a little time to reflect and remember, instead of only looking ahead, look around you. Look at yourself in the mirror and fall back in love with yourself, you don’t need to change. You don’t need to do any fixing.

Reflect on the moments you have enjoyed, the fun times you have and remember what is good about your life. Just because it is the start of 2018 and the start of all the posts about 365 opportunities, doesn’t mean you need to chase them.

6. Notice nature 

Sometimes Nature passes us by, we are running through our lives and we may not take time to notice it. But, we can learn a lot from it. The seasons can teach us how to behave. They can show us how to deal with change and how to embrace it.

Take some time this January to look outside the window for longer than a glance, notice how Nature is behaving. Try and make this a habit so that throughout the year you will really be in tune with the way it changes. This will help you to slow down, enjoy the everyday and let it be your time.

Winter Hygge

7. Use candlelight 

Outside is still dark. January is still a month of dark nights and mornings. Don’t turn on your lights, it will only make you feel it more. Use candlelight — even in the mornings. This will help you to adjust, this will help your body and mind to enjoy this time of year more.

When we wake up and throw on the light in the room, it gives us a jolt. It makes us feel tired already. Trying slowing down your routine by changing to candlelight before you switch to the main lights. You will notice a difference. 

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