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7 reasons why you should have plants in your life

It will be no shock to our subscribers that we have a blog on this topic. We love plants and have over the years talked about them and encouraged them in our boxes. Having plants for us is like second nature, but for others, it’s a new thing. It’s not just about interior styling, although they do look beautiful, there are lots of other reasons why having plants in your life is a great thing.

Plants are really good for you. You probably come into contact with plants and nature more than you imagine in a normal day but actively having them in your home can be a brilliant thing.

Plants clean the air

We need oxygen to survive! Plants are pretty amazing, as they absorb carbon dioxide from the air, and replenish that with oxygen. Plants are really important in our homes for this reason, as they are sucking in the carbon dioxide they are cleaning the air that we live in and removing the toxins.

Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods and felt like you can breathe more? A lot of this comes from the trees and plants and you can have that in your own home.

Plants make you feel good

That’s not just a wishy-washy statement, they do play an active part in how we feel. There are lots of studies about plants helping with hospital recoveries, making people feel less unwell and even boosting creativity. Plants are great, they can help you to concentrate and be super productive too.

Plenty of companies are now considering plants in their workspaces. They are seeing the benefits of a healthier, more productive team and with the cleaner air comes less tiredness and fatigue.

Plants balance out all the technology in our lives

How many devices do you have in your home or office? I bet it’s at least 2 or 3 and maybe a bit more if you have a packed household of tech lovers. Modern devices can raise the radiation levels present in our homes.

Plants can help to balance this out. It’s a really good idea to dilute those Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from all those devices where you can. Plants can help to soak in those waves. Aloe Vera and Cacti are great for this, in fact Aloe Vera can absorb radiation so placing that near your computer or devices will really help to reduce it in the air.

Plants soften your home and living space

There is a bit of an interior styling reason, but actually, plants can play a really important role in making blocky, harsh architecture feel quite soft and beautiful. They can be a great way of living in a rented house or flat and changing the way it looks without doing any DIY or painting.

Plants are great for injecting colour into your home too, not just with their leaves or flowers but also the pots you choose. Plus they can be moved around and changed up into different pots. There are loads of different pots to suit a range of different colours and styles and they don’t have to cost the earth, you could even us old tins from things like treacle or golden syrup.

Plants are natural protectors

Plants are perfect for protecting you against bugs and insects naturally. You can even get plants like Venus flytraps that will really make a difference to any flies or wasps you may get in the home.

Equally, plants such as Scented Leaf Pelargonium can be used on the patio to deter mosquitoes and other flies, thanks to their strong citronella perfumes.

Plants are a benefit to our health

Growing your own food is a fantastic way to know what you’re really eating and how it has been cared for. So many bagged herbs in supermarkets are laden with chemicals and even those little window plants are not great. You can easily grow some fantastic herbs on windowsills, outside in tubs or borders or even on a living wall.

Knowing where your food has been is been a great way to know that what you’re eating is good for you and full of actual nutrients. Herbs are just tasty in meals either they can also be used in a range of teas to overcome problems from stomach ache to sore throats.

Plants can help our bodies stay beautiful too

Plants can play an important role in our outer health too. Our body loves being soothed by Cucumber, our teeth enjoy being cleaned by mint (and adding parsley is fantastic for gum health too) and being moisturised by aloe vera.

You can grow things that will help to make your own natural remedies and beauty products. Botanicals benefit a massive range of toiletries, keeping us beautiful, youthful and free of chemicals and toxins from a man-made world.

There is also a huge range of plants that you can have in bathrooms, they enjoy the moist air and will help to keep moisture levels down. This can be perfect in really steamy spaces and rentals.

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