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7 Hyggelig things to do on a Snow Day

Love it or hate it you have to admit the snow changes everything. Personally I love it. I have been sitting at windows staring out since yesterday morning. We have been out for snow walks but mainly I just love how the world looks so different. It is quieter & slower & forces us to stop with normal life.

As we seem to be in for a few days of this I thought it would be good to highlight how Hygge can make the snow even more enjoyable. We would love to hear what you are doing in the snow and your ideas for Hyggeing snow days.

I love how snow transforms nature
  1. Make lots of tea

As long as you are prepared snow days can be lots of fun & a great opportunity to stay home with the family. If you are English then I feel sure you have already been out & panic bought at least 8 litres of milk. If you’re not English you should know that there are few things more horrifying to us than running out of milk. If you see that anyone has gone out & got stuck in the snow despite the warnings to stay home I guarantee you they were rushing out for milk.

As we are going to be drinking a lot of it then this is a good time to experiment with tea. I bet you have several packets of tea which you bought on an impulse or were given as a gift that you have never tried. Now is your chance. Get them out from the back of the cupboard and start experimenting. You should also get your teapot out. Take the time to brew a proper cup & ditch the tea bags -it’s much more satisfying, more Hygge!

Make a proper cuppa

2. Get together

The snow may make this impossible but one thing about these slower days is we have less work and more opportunities to spend time with people we love. If you live alone make the effort to get out or invite people round. You/they may have to walk but it will be worth it. The most hyggelig times are the ones where we come together & enjoy being with people. Pool your resources, light some candles & have fun.

3. Make a stew

You could take the time to cook an elaborate meal today but how about just putting on a massive pot of stew that you can eat for the next couple of days & do other things instead. You should make your easiest go-to recipe, the one everyone loves so that you can spend time with the kids, your partner or friends & do fun activities.

4. Play board games

Playing together is a really hyggelig thing to do. We have a new game which we are obsessed with called Dobble. It is a game of matching things up but has been cleverly designed to drive you a bit crazy — we love it. Card games are also perfect for a snowy afternoon. Learn a new one together and then spend the rest of the day getting really good at it.

5. Explore your garden

Your garden is being transformed by the snow. Everything looks different, it is a new world. Before the kids get into snowball fights & building snowmen how about getting them to look for animal footprints? They could see how many different bird prints they see, maybe there are squirrel prints or badgers — or just the postman!

The snow makes new things visible or highlights parts of trees, hedges & plants you may have never noticed before. Yesterday I was out taking photos & just looking around our garden. It was beautiful.

We still are not sure what left these tracks yesterday, maybe a squirrel

6. Get baking

This month our box is all about Hygge in the kitchen. We included a fab book by Skandikitchen full of Hyggelig recipes. This is the perfect time to bake. It is a slow, deliberate & rewarding exercise & everyone will love you for it (the cold makes us extra hungry). The house will be filled with wonderful aromas & you get to touch, decorate & eat beautiful things.

7. Make a bird cake

Birds need extra food when it is really cold. It is hard for them to forage for natural foods so they need our help. Small birds such as bluetits can lose 40% of their body fat on a cold night so they wake up crazy hungry. If you have feeders you have probably seen more birds on them on these cold mornings.

Birds need fat & protein in cold weather. You can make them some top quality food with a few ingredients. Just melt some lard & mix in seeds & nuts. Here’s a handy guide from the RSPB. Not all birds eat from feeders so make sure to leave some food on the ground for blackbirds, sparrows & dunnocks who only eat from the floor.

Leave food for the ground feeders too

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