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Hygge Box

Danish Cosiness Delivered in a monthly subscription box HyggeBox. HyggeBox (Hue-gah) is an all year friend that makes you feel cosy whilst promoting togetherness. Our Subscription boxes are packed with all things Hygge and Danish. Themed and seasonal so every month is exciting and different!

What is the HyggeBox

Hygge (Hue-rgh) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday things more meaningful, beautiful or special. The HyggeBox is the ultimate box of cosiness, beauty and meaningfulness.

Live Hygge in every day with our monthly subscription service, packed full of Danish and Hyggelig items and delivered direct to your door . 

Featured by Grazia Magazine 

Every HyggeBox is different, containing themed and seasonal items. We choose each theme based on how we are living hygge in UK and what is happening in Denmark throughout the year. See our previous boxes 

  • Hyggelig Candles & Cosy Teas
  • Blankets, Warm Socks and things to wrap around
  • Notebooks to remember special Hygge moments
  • Indulgence and more indulgence - the Danish Way!
  • Danish Card to help you learn a little bit of Dansk
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Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund We’re a small independent business which means when you subscribe to our box or buy from our shop it really matters… https://t.co/KE5OmBzQQm 1 day ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund Such a perfect place for a hygge moment https://t.co/aTXimYUIWi 2 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund Looking for colour on a gloomy day. Finding things which make me feel good - that's hygge https://t.co/QVmy5C5v9F 2 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund @LeilaNeve Welcome back xx 3 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund Our July box is about to ship. To get our August box sign up before the 10th #subscribe #subscriptionbox https://t.co/BeseeklPAE 3 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund Today is so different from yesterday all gloomy & grey. Yesterday we were hanging out on the beach getting sunburnt… https://t.co/oMUr8rJI5p 3 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund Today my hygge is going to be curling up with my love & a big bowl of popcorn to watch an old movie. What's yours? https://t.co/X0f2ubAGmB 3 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund RT @LovelyLittleBox: Find your new favourite #subbox with @LovelyLittleBox; the subscription box directory https://t.co/UXPheTCZ5h 4 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund RT @seed_ball: Don't Step On A Bee Day: Top ten facts about the value of bees | Top 10 Facts https://t.co/fx18GIdp7Z 4 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund Summertime https://t.co/dxfVaTjMWw 4 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund So Nice to wake up by the sea https://t.co/WgnFylsrkk 4 days ago
Hyggebox 🌻🌼 Hyggebox 🌻🌼 @hygge_stund Don’t forget you can get a free box for yourself or someone else! Simple tag us in your brilliant photos #hyggeboxuk https://t.co/nhN2sueYYv 5 days ago

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